Our lives depend on it!

Democracy is on Line November 3rd! It’s on the ballot!

And so are our lives!

If the Virus doesn’t kill us, the death of democracy surely will kill us in the next fours years if we don’t vote this November 3rd! Vote early as soon as early voting starts in October, even if you have to vote in person!

Will we be risking our lives because of the Virus if we vote in person? Yes we will! But the risk is just as dangerous if we don’t vote.

We stand to lose our democracy, our freedom, and forced to submit to the dictatorial forces currently at work that seek freedom, and rights and privileges only for people who are white who don’t like people that don’t look like them, people that don’t have the same skin color as theirs.

The choice is clear.

If we vote we are defending democracy and protecting our lives, our rights and our freedom. But if we don’t vote we are throwing away our freedom and contributing to the death of democracy, and to our own death. It’s like committing suicide!

So be sure to grab your mask and vote this November 3rd! And do it early to make sure your vote counts, even if you have to vote in person!

You will be doing it for your self, and for your family, for your children and their children -- to defend the right to life, to happiness, and freedom and democracy. And you will be doing it for all of us who don’t look like them, and for those that don’t agree with them!