Resist the Hate Campaign!

A Ban on Muslims...A Border Wall...The Deporations! What Will Come Next?
As our highest courts decide the legality of the Executive Orders the deportations and the hate campaign against immigrants continue...and the value of private prison corporate stocks keeps rising.
How do we counter anti-immigrant sentiment in these times?
Academia América has a better solution than bans on immigrants, border walls and deportations. For almost a decade we have had an approach to immigration rooted in self-empowerment, and social and civic integration of all immigrants. With little resources we have worked diligently providing educational programs to guide lawful immigrants on their journey toward citizenship. Over 3,000 clients have benefited from our programs and services. Imagine what we could do with your added contribution!
To facilitate naturalization Academia América provides:
Tuition-free citizenship classes; Low-cost legal services in partnership with nonprofit legal centers; Referrals to connect clients with external providers for assistance with other unmet needs.

How Can You Help!

We have set a goal to raise $200,000 by June 1, 2017. We need to hire instructors and one staff attorney. Any amount will help. Here are some examples of the impact your donation can have.

$10 Pays for one tutor hour
$100 Pays for five instructor hours or one month's internet service
$2,500 Pays for one month's rent and utilities
$25,000 Pays for one half-time instructor or one month's rent and utilities
$75,000 Pays for one full-time staff attorney