Ojo Con La Migra

 The New Reality of Immigration Policy

Everyone present in the country, including authorized and unauthorized immigrants, has certain Constitutional rights. Accordingly immigration attorneys advise that immigrants, particularly the undocumented, do the following should they be stopped or detained by the police or immigration enforcement agents.

  • Insist on representation by an attorney
  • Remain silent; don’t answer any questions
  • Do not sign any documents unless in the presence of and with the advice of your attorney

Other Advice

Attorneys also advise immigrants, even lawful residents, to be very cautious as they ago about their daily routine. Even the most minor offense can trigger deportation proceedings. The reality is that the policy of new Administration gives a much broader discretion to Immigration enforcement agents than that of President Obama. This advice is of major significance to Dreamers who are DACA beneficiaries. Therefore Ojo con la Migra!

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