Academia América is proud to publicly share its stellar success record as evidenced by the following achievements of the past eight years:

  • More than 3,000 clients have benefitted from Academia América’s programs.
  • More than 1700 have enrolled in Academia América’s Nuevos Ciudadanos Citizenship Education Program.
  • Ninety nine percent of Academia América students who have taken the Naturalization test have passed it.
  • More than 300 families now have at least one household member who is a U. S. citizen, and better chances for family economic security and stability.
  • A remarkable success story is that these achievements have been made possible by a dedicated staff, a committed and highly engaged Board of Directors and community supporters and partners. Volunteer annual time contribution has the equivalent dollar value of $62,000 or an eight-year cumulative of almost $500,000.

These success stories have a greater meaning. Our community and society have gained 300 Nuevos Ciudadanos who will make a substantial contribution to the local economy and our nation’s well-being as new Americans.